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Intro to EBSCOhost Searching
Workshop Slides 2022 Into to EBSCOhost

N/A SLSP Introduction to Preprints Video under construction | Summary [pdf] Introduction to Preprints Video is currently being updated

Grey Literature for Scoping Reviews
Allison McArthur 2016 00:45:14How To Find And Use Grey Literature For Scoping Reviews

SLSP Question Development
Workshop Slides 2022 Question Development

Meeting the review family
Sutton, A. et al. 2019 [Article]Meeting the review family: exploring review types and associated 
information retrieval requirements

Advanced Searching
EBSCOhost 2021 00:02:38 EBSCOhost Advanced Searching

SLSP Introduction to Grey Literature
Workshop Slides 2019Grey Literature

To PICO or Not to PICO
PHO Grand Rounds 2016 01:00:33To Pico or Not to Pico: What is the question?s

Basic Searching
EBSCOhost 2021 00:02:12 EBSCOhost Basic Search